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Beech Mountain Lakes Association
One Burke Drive, Drums PA 18222
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Committee Mission

Finance Committee

Mission Statement

The Finance Committee will advise and assist the Board of Directors in areas of financial planning, financial management and control, responsibilities and operational process.

1. Review and analyze the annual budget. The committee, with the consent of the Board of Directors, will meet with the General Manager, standing committees, operating departments, to evaluate their needs in relation to available resources and community priorities for the purpose of making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

2. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding financial controls, Budget procedures, and accountability. Evaluate purchasing process for efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Review non-budgeted expense and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding adequacy and priority.

4. Analyze and create possible financial alternatives at the direction of the Beech Mountain Board of Directors for financial projects or acquisitions with the goal of achieving efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Make other financial analyses as deemed necessary.


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