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Resolutions & Policies

These Resolutions were passed over the last several years -- since the Turnover (1998). We've tried to include the latest known version of each, however, some "resolutions" may have slipped in during an Executive Session or perhaps some motion has taken on the weight of a Resolution but, in fact, just have been a Motion at a Board meeting. These are not, as of April 23, 2007, the entire list of Board-passed Resolutions -- more will be added as they are scanned and edited. Some Resolutions (like those pertaining to Annual Assessment or Recreation Fee) have not been used -- or rescinded -- since the anniversary of their passage. We have an imperfect system.

 Garage Sale Policy Mar 2018   
 Board Rules & Regulations Aug 2018   
 Board Rules & Regulations Oct 2018   
 Board Rules & Regulations Nov 2018   
 Rental Policy Nov 2018   
 Board Rules & Regulations Apr 2017   
 ACC Builders Packet Mar 2018 Ver 1   
 Abandoned Vehicle Policy Feb 2009   
 ACC Builders Packet Oct 2001 Ver 1   
 ACC Builders Packet Oct 2001 Ver 2   
 ACC Builders Packet Oct 2001 Ver 3   
 ACC Commun Signage Policy Feb 2006   
 ACC Community Signage Policy Jan 2015   
 ACC Ditches & Swales Policy Jan 2015   
 ACC E&S Water Resolution Jan 2015   
 ACC E&S Water Resolution Mar 2005   
 ACC Fees & Fines Dec 2003   
 ACC Fees & Fines Mar 2006   
 ACC Fees & Fines Sept 2003   
 ACC Fencing Policy Jan 2015   
 ACC Fencing Policy July 2004   
 ACC Fuel Tank Policy Apr 2004   
 ACC Fuel Tank Policy Jan 2015   
 ACC Minimum Sq Foot Jan 2002   
 ACC Mobile Home Resolution Oct 2009   
 ACC Out Building Resolution Jan 2006   
 ACC Out Building Resolution Jan 2015   
 ACC Out Building Resolution May 2011   
 ACC Paving Policy Aug 2007   
 ACC Paving Policy Jan 2015   
 ACC Paving Policy Jul 2003   
 ACC Paving Policy May 2008   
 ACC Storm Runoff Resolution Mar 2005   
 ACC Swales Resolution Aug 2003   
 ACC Variance Policy Jan 2003   
 Animals & Pets Policy Jan 2014   
 Annual Assess Resolution Nov 2003   
 Appeals Committee Mar 2003   
 Audit Procedure Apr 2013   
 Board Rules & Regulations Jan 2014   
 Boat Anchor Resolution Jan 2014   
 Boat Slip Rental Agreement Feb 2016   
 Boat Slip Rental Agreement Sept 2008   
 Boating & Lake Rules Jan 2014   
 Boating & Lake Rules Mar 2015   
 Boating & Lake Rules Jan 2016   
 Boating & Lake Rules Feb 2016   
 Business Contract Policy Nov 2014   
 Campground Rules Aug 2009   
 Capital Acct Definitions Jul 2007   
 Capital Improve Fee Res Jan 2007   
 Capital Improve Fee Res Jun 2001   
 Car Delivery Policy Nov 2002   
 Collections Policy Nov 2015   
 Collections Policy Aug 2013   
 Committee Guidelines Feb 2000   
 Committee Guidelines   
 Committee Mission Statements   
 Committee Mission Stmts May 2010   
 Committtee & Club Mission Stmts   
 Community Curfew Res Jan 2014   
 Community Signage Policy Feb 2006   
 Contractor Pass Policy Feb 2004   
 Contractor Passes Feb 2004   
 Cover Page & Definitions   
 Curfew Policy Aug 2010   
 Damn Remidiation Res May 2008   
 Discrimination Policy July 2007   
 Employee Dress Code Policy Nov 2014   
 Employee Gift Policy Nov 2014   
 Employee Handbook Mar 2007   
 Employee Private Vehicle Policy Nov 2014   
 Fee & Fine Structure Jan 2015   
 Fire Procedures Mar 2000   
 Fireworks Rules Jul 2009   
 Fishing Derby Rules Aug 2004   
 Fishing Rules Apr 2015   
 Fishing Rules Feb 2016   
 Garage Sale Policy July 2006   
 Hunting Policy Jan 2014   
 Minimum Elev Lake Lots Res Jun 2009   
 Muldoon Pond Resolution Mar 2010   
 No Smoking Resolution Jan 2009   
 Open Burn Rules Sept 2008   
 Play Equip Resolution Feb 2005   
 Property Accessibility Policy Apr 2015   
 Property Accessibility Rules Jul 2011   
 Realtor Policy Jul 2009   
 Rec Facility Rules Apr 2008   
 Rental Policy Jan 2016   
 Rental Policy Application Jan 2016   
 PSP Background Check Application   
 Rental Policy Feb 2014   
 Road Repair Policy Nov 2007   
 Roadway Resolution Feb 2005   
 Security Daily Roster Jan 2003   
 Table of Contents   
 Tax Appeal Res June 2009   
 Tax Appeal Res Mar 2011   
 Traffic Control Policy Jan 2014   
 Turning Lane Resolution Apr 2003   
 Vehicle Parking Policy Aug 2013