Lakeside Restaurant
Lakeside Restaurant
Lakeside Lounge

Nov Rec Calendar (pdf)
Oct Rec Calendar (pdf)
Special Events:
Chili Cook-Off 2015 (pdf)
NY Holiday Bus Trip Flyer 2015 (pdf)
Santa Breakfast Dec 6th 2015 (pdf)
Boating - Fishing:
Rec Boat Rentals (pdf)
Movies For Sale In Recreation Dept (pdf)
Borrow Board Games Free: (pdf)
Game Title List 1 (pdf)
Game Title List 2 (pdf)

Community Newsletter
November 2015 Newsletter (pdf)
November 2015 Ads (pdf)
October 2015 Newsletter (pdf)
October 2015 Ads (pdf)

Resolutions & Policies
History of BML

Proposed 2016 BML Budget (pdf)
Negotiated Propane Prices 2014-2015 (pdf)

AQUA Well Testing Notice 091815 (pdf)
AQUA Pipe Warning (pdf)
Black Bears Spotted in BML (pdf)
Trash Pickup Policy (pdf)
Dues and What They Pay For

Visitors Coming?
Guards and Enforcement
Emergency Contacts

Committee Reports
Finance Committee

Pot Luck Social Club
Sports Club
Fall Festival October 10th At Campground (pdf)
Basket of Fear 2015 Raffle Tix For Sale (pdf)

Of General Interest
2015 Board Meeting Schedule (pdf)
Fire Hydrants (pdf)
Butler Twp Address Number Ord 120909-A (pdf)
Btlr Address Ordinance - EZ to Read (pdf)
Btlr Address Ordinance - Hi-Lites for BML (pdf)
Btlr Noise Ordinance - EZ to Read.pdf (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Board Responses

Feedback & Suggestions
Contact Webmaster
Contact our Board

Photo Gallery
Halloween 2014 Kids Costume Parade (pdf)
BMLKids Summer Fun(3) August 2014 (pdf)
BMLKids Summer Fun (2) August 2014 (pdf)
BMLKids Summer Fun (1) August 2014 (pdf)
BMLKids Summer Fun (3) July 2014 (pdf)
BML Kids Summer Fun(2) July 2014 (pdf)
BML Kids Summer Fun(1) July 2014 (pdf)
BML Kids Summer Fun(4) June 2014 (pdf)
BML Kids Summer Fun(3) June 2014 (pdf)
BML Kids Summer Fun(2) June 2014 (pdf)
BML Kids Summer Fun(1) June 2014 (pdf)
Car Cruise June 2014 (pdf)
Fishing Derby May 2014 (pdf)
Bingo Pajama Party 2014 (pdf)
Santa Breakfast Dec 2013 (pdf)
Halloween 2013 (pdf)

Website Construction Notice (pdf)
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Clean air and water. Wildlife. Wonderful people. A hideaway community of permanent residences and time share retreats embracing a Pennsylvania mountain and lakeside environment.

A welcoming, private escape. Itís more than vacation --itís home.

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